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Professional Electrical & Wiring Services in Decatur, IL

South Shores Auto Service specializes in making sure every electrical and wiring system in your car is working efficiently. Have you ever been stranded due to a dead battery?

Our professional mechanics are here to make sure that your car is always reliable and lasts for years to come. For information on what kind of electrical and wiring services we offer, read below, or call us at (217) 429-5870 to speak with a certified employee.

mechanic running electrical diagnostics on a car engine

Our Electrical & Wiring Services Include:

Battery Replacement & Service

Without a properly functioning battery, your car will never have the energy it needs to start the engine. That’s why you might see the lights flicker on your dashboard when turning the ignition, but no power in the battery, means no running car. South Shores Auto Service can help keep your battery alive with regular inspections and, if need be, a replacement. Visit our shop in Decatur, IL for an examination on the health of your car’s battery.

Anti-lock Brake Service & Diagnostics

Your anti-lock brake system, or ABS for short, is designed to detect when any one of your wheels stops rotating while your car is moving. If this is the case, that means that the brake in your tire or tires have locked up and require a release of brake fluid to get them working again. Chances are a loose fuse is what’s causing the issue and can be fixed in one short visit.

Computer Diagnostics

Modern technology allows our mechanics to find out exactly what is happening inside your car’s parts with the press of a button. If you have a light blinking on your dashboard or feel the performance of your car is declining, our shop offers a complete diagnostics test to detect the cause of any issue. Our certified mechanics will examine your car’s driving history and know the best repair option available to save you time and money.

Electrical and/or Wiring Problems

Faulty sensors or wiring in your vehicle can be a major issue when it comes to detecting abnormalities that might be taking place inside or around your car’s battery, engine, etc. Identifying these issues and ensuring the safety of you and your vehicle, is a priority to us at South Shores Auto Service. With the latest technology, we can examine the state of your car’s electrical and wiring systems to provide you with total piece of mind.

Interior/Exterior Lighting Replacement

Avoid getting a ticket for broken tail lights or burnt out bulbs, call our shop to get all of your exterior lighting replaced for a reasonable price. We also offer interior lighting services. 

If you notice your interior lights are beginning to dim or have gone out completely, we offer a variety of bulb options that will surely fit your preference.

Steering & Charging Diagnostics

Is your steering wheel becoming substantially harder to control? This could mean that your power steering system is failing, creating a major safety hazard for you and others on the road. At South Shores Auto Service, we offer steering diagnostics that can instantly detect any issue your power steering system may have.

Our shop also offers charging diagnostics for your failing car batteries.

Airbag & SRS Systems

Did you know that a modern vehicle can have up to 10 airbags? While we hope that you never have to use them, it’s important to make sure they are in perfect condition for any potential accidents. It may not seem important in the moment, but as a hidden technology created to save your life, having them checked by a professional is recommended for total piece of mind.

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