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Certified Wheel & Tire Services in Decatur, IL

Are you looking to get your wheels and tires replaced? Well you’ve come to the right place! At South Shores Auto Service, we specialize in replacing, balancing, and servicing your tires in one quick visit. Our shop in Decatur, IL provides customers with excellent deals and quality repairs that have satisfied customers for decades! Call our shop at (217) 429-5870 to schedule an appointment for any wheel or tire services.
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Our Wheel & Tire Services Include:

Tire Repairs or Replacement

If you have a flat tire you have two options when getting it fixed, you can either repair the tire or replace it entirely. 

At South Shore Auto Service, we identify the problem and figure out the best solution for your vehicle’s tires. It’s important to take your car in immediately if you’re experiencing issues with your tires, as it can be a danger while driving on the road.

Wheel Balancing & Alignment

Overtime your wheels can become unbalanced, forcing the weight of your car to be distributed unevenly and shaking while driving. That’s why getting them balanced is essential to keeping not only your wheels, but the tires and overall production of your car from deteriorating completely. A wheel alignment is different in that is adjects the angle of the wheels rather than unevenness within the wheel. If your wheels are not aligned, your car will not drive in the exact direction you are aiming with your steering wheel, causing it to feel like it’s pulling to one side.

Tire Sales

At South Shores Auto Service, we know that getting your car repaired or service can be expensive, that is why we offer tire sale all year round to show our appreciation for being such great customers.

Call our shop at (217) 429-5870 to ask about any current tire sales going on in the Decatur, IL area!

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

A tire pressure monitoring system is a fairly new invention for cars starting in 2007 as a way to tell when your tires are getting low on air. Monitoring your tires air pressure is important when detecting if you have a leak or puncture in your vehicle’s tire that would otherwise go unnoticed without this system. If this light appears on your dashboard, don’t worry, chances are you may just need to get them filled!

Tire Rotation

Rotating your tires is a quick and easy way to ensure the tread is wearing evenly. A tire rotation should take place approximately every 5,000-7,500 miles and consists of moving your back tires to the front and your front tires to the back. Without a tire rotation, your car could be harder to control in wet or icy conditions.

Check Tire Pressure

Generally, your tire pressure is checked when you get a standard oil change, however, if your tire pressure has not been examined in a while, it’s important that you make sure they are inflated properly. Poorly inflated tires can cause the performance of your car to decrease and, if they are low enough, can even cause unsafe driving conditions. Stop by our shop today to have your tire pressure checked!

Wheel Balancing & Mounting

For optimum driving performance, your car’s wheels and tires need to be balanced to avoid any vibrations or improper wearing of the tread. It is recommended to have your tires balanced once every 3,000-6,000 miles. When getting new tires, our shop will automatically balance your tires to make sure your car is safe while on the road.

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