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Regular Maintenance on Your Vehicle in Decatur, IL

Maintaining regular maintenance on your vehicles are essential to keeping them in top shape. South Shores Auto Service provides the best services in the Decatur, IL area with certified professionals that are knowledgeable in everything from standard oil changes to fuel injections.

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Our Maintenance Services Include:

Tune-ups, Air Filters, & Fuel Filters

Depending on the age and how many miles you have on your car, a tune-up should take place around every 25,000-100,000 miles. But what exactly is a tune-up? Basically, it means that all of your wires, filters, spark plugs, and other worn parts will be replaced to get your car running and functioning smoothly again. Other maintenance such as air and fuel filters are quick, easy, and inexpensive, generally these are replaced during a standard oil change.

Oil Changes, Lube, & Filter Service

Getting an oil change every couple of thousand miles depending on your car’s needs, is essential to keeping your engine running smoothly. Old oil that hasn’t been changed in a while allows your engine to become hotter while running and eventually can cause it to run less efficiently the longer you wait. South Shores Auto Service also offers standard filter and lube services to also keep your car running efficiently.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance
(30K, 60K, 90K, 105K)

Factory scheduled maintenance means that 30,000 or so miles, professional mechanics recommend that you take your car in to get an overall look at how your car is doing as it ages. This means getting an oil change, servicing the brakes, rotating your tires, replacing filters, checking fluids, and more depending on what car you drive. Factory scheduled maintenance is important to prolonging the lifespan of your car, allowing it to run longer when properly taken care of.

Fuel Injection Cleaning & Service

Your fuel system is essential to keeping your car running smoothly. Overtime and without proper care, buildup can accumulate causing sensors to fail and various parts connected to the system to begin affect other areas of your vehicle.

If you notice that your car isn’t starting as efficiently as it used to, or there’s a decrease in power when going uphill, you may want to get a fuel injection to flush out any buildup that may be present.

Preventive Maintenance & Fluid Flushes

It may seem that no matter how you treat your car it will never fail on you. While this may be true for a period of time, eventually your car will become a pile of scrap metal if not taken care of properly. 

Routine preventive maintenance is essential to protecting all parts of your car to detect and repair any small issues right away that would have eventually turned into major issues down the road.

Heating & Air Conditioning Service

Replenishing your vehicle’s air conditioning refrigerant and cleaning any blocked air filters, are essential to keeping your car’s heating and air systems working properly. 

While this may not seem like an issue in dire need of attention, regular maintenance can avoid unfrosted windshields in the winter and sweaty summer drives with a quick look from a certified mechanic.

Transmission Fluid Service

Keeping your transmission in working order is vital to the health of your car. Not checking your transmission fluid can cause the entire system to fail, costing thousands of dollars in repair and labor costs. When taking your car to get a routine oil change, ask for them to check the transmission fluid to make sure it is no discolored or leaking, this check is quick and easy while providing piece of mind for the future.

Regular Maintenance

Getting regular maintenance on your car is important for many reasons, it allows your car to have a long lifespan while keeping you and your passengers safe along the way.

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