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South Shores Auto Service was founded in 2004 with a vision for providing customers in Decatur, IL with exceptional automotive service. With high quality values in mind, our company excels in making sure your vehicle is well taken care of in a reasonable time and at a reasonable price.

Our technicians are ASE Certified and experienced using the most cutting-edge technologies on the market. This allows us to diagnose and repair any issues your car may be experiencing quickly and with ease to prevent further damage from spreading to other areas of your vehicle.

If you’ve noticed that your car has been needing regular maintenance or mechanical repairs, call our shop at (217) 429-5870 to make an appointment!

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Our Mechanical Repair Services Include:

Engine Repair and Replacement

Is your engine spewing smoke? Do you hear constant knocks under the hood while you’re driving? Chances are you may need a new engine. Don’t panic! We know this can be a pricy investment, that’s why our certified specialists are here to diagnose any issue your car’s engine may be having. Without proper care and maintenance, the lifespan of your vehicle’s engine can deteriorate quickly. Call us today if you think your engine may need repairing.

Diesel Service and Repair

There are a few major signs that your diesel truck or bus may be in need of repairing. Have you noticed the engine is getting harder to start? You may be experiencing insufficient fuel supply. 

Need a specialized oil change or tune-up? Our professional employees are trained in detecting any issues relating to diesel vehicles and providing everyday regular maintenance.

Clutch Repairs and Replacement

Generally, a brand-new clutch can last up to 100,000 miles depending on the vehicle. However, nothing lasts forever. Thankfully, there are always warning signs to a deteriorating clutch that are easy to spot. If shifting seems to be done without any resistance or a loud grinding noise takes place when you depress the clutch, chances are it needs to be replaced. While these repairs can be pricy, you can normally tell months before the clutch goes out completely that it needs to be replaced. Finding this out sooner or later could help save you some big bucks in the end!

Steering and Suspension Service

Your steering wheel and suspension system are, hands down, two of the most important features on your car. It can be especially dangerous if you are driving with a shaking wheel or feel a pulling sensation that forces your car to go in a certain direction.

Ignoring these issues can lead to excessive wearing on your tires, threatening your safety on the road. For more information on our steering and suspension services, call us at (217) 429-5870.

Power Steering

Power steering is a fairly modern feature available to every types of vehicle on the market. In the olden days, it used to be increasingly difficult to turn your car’s steering wheel. Now, with the assistance of hydraulic and electric technology, your steering wheel can be managed without any excessive force behind it. However, if your vehicle’s power steering fluid is low or runs out completely, your steering wheel will once again become difficult to control. With regular maintenance at South Shores Auto, your power steering system will stay good as new.

Exhaust System

A noisy exhaust system is obnoxious to say the least. However, those thumps and screeches could mean that you have underlying issues with your muffler or engine that you may be unaware of. Whether there is excessive rust, a defective oxygen sensor, or broken hangers, South Shores Auto Service can help to prevent any further damage to your exhaust system for a reasonable price. Our employees are certified to spot and repair any damage to your exhaust system, don’t wait and visit our shop today!

Transmission Service, Repair, or Replacement

No matter how long you’ve had your current car, chances are you’re going to need some sort of service or repair done on the transmission. This may happen sooner for older vehicles, but regardless, transmissions just don’t last forever. If you’re having issues shifting your gears or smell a burning odor in your car, bring it in to South Shores Auto Service immediately to avoid any further damage from taking place.

Cooling System Service

There are three main pairs to your cars cooling system: the fan, the radiator, and the thermostat. Each one of these parts prevents your engine from overheating as it rises to extremely hot temperatures in a matter of seconds. Without a properly working cooling system, your car’s performance will begin to deteriorate quickly. If you notice any leaking coolant on the ground underneath your car or your dashboard’s temperature gauge reaching the red zone, turn your car off and call our shop immediately.

Water Pumps

Have you ever wondered what keeps your car at an even temperature, even after driving for hours on end? The water pump houses a supply of coolant fluid that keeps your car at a stable temperature, if your water pump is failing, you will notice right away. A common sign that your water pump is wearing down is discovering a coolant leak on the ground directly under the front of your car. If you notice this leak, call our shop to speak with a professional mechanic and to schedule an appointment for us to inspect your water pump.


A radiator is one of the main parts to your car’s cooling system. It helps to keep the engine cool when driving for hours on end, keeping your car running smoothly. However, if your radiator begins failing, your car will begin to have serious performance issues. Without a cool engine, it will begin to overheat and potentially damage other parts of your car that were not damaged to begin with. If your vehicle’s temperature gauge is spiking in the red, visit our shop to have it taken care of by certified professionals.

A/C Repair and Recharge

Have you been noticing a change in the pressure of your A/C? It may be leaking refrigerant or needing to be recharged, in any case, South Shores Auto Service is here to help. 

While it may not seem like an emergency in the winter months, eventually your A/C system will go out completely if not taken care of right away. To save money on repair costs, call our shop to have you A/C system looked at!

Air Intake, Cleaning, and Filter Changes

Are you panicking because your check engine light is on? Don’t worry, it may just be your car’s air intake filter needing to be replaced. Overtime your air filter can become clogged with debris, making it harder for your engine to receive the power it needs to run. 

Make an appointment for a quick cleaning of your air intake system to avoid any further damage to your engine.

No-Start/Drivability Diagnostics

So, you’ve turned the key a million times and your car just isn’t starting. On the bright side, there are a limited amount of issues that could be causing your car’s engine not to start, and it’s all about diagnosing the issue. 

At South Shores Auto Service, we provide a no-start diagnostics test to determine if it is just the battery, or if there are deeper issues at play.

Engine Light Diagnostics

Your check engine light detects many issues that can be directly unrelated to the engine itself but can turn into bigger issues if left alone. First, check to see if your check engine light is flashing or staying put. This could mean the difference between a faulty gas cap or a complete engine replacement. However, there are many grey areas in between these two possibilities that need to be uncovered with a diagnostics test done by a professional mechanic.

Belt, Hoses, and Wiper Blade Replacement

Rubber belts and hoses are susceptible to wear and tear the longer you have your car. It may take some time to realize that a belt or hose needs replacing, in the meantime, they can be causing severe and expensive damages to your car over time. 

Call our shop to schedule a time to have your vehicle’s belts and hoses checked, especially if your car is over 60,000 miles.

Timing Belt and Chain Replacement

A timing belt is placed around the front of your car’s engine to control the performance of both the crankshaft and the camshaft. 

If you notice your car engine revving uncontrollably in park or smoke coming from the engine, chances are your timing belt or timing chain (located inside of your engine) needs repair or replacing immediately.

Brake Service and Repair

Everyone knows that horrible screeching sound that comes from your brakes when slowing your vehicle. It generally creates large sighs and an image of dollar signs floating around your car. However, it could be a lodged rock in the caliper unit or a wearing of the pads. 

Either way, both are an easy and fairly inexpensive issue to be resolved. If you notice your car’s brake pads whining, take it in as soon as possible to prevent any avoidable costs.

Windshield Service

Many know the horror of seeing your beloved car’s windshield shattered from a flying rock or hailstorm. While entire windshields can be pricey to replace, there are cases where small or spidering cracks in your windshield can be fixed for a lower cost. 

If you notice any windshield damage on your car, give our shop a call to schedule an appointment today!

Drive Train

Your car’s drive train is what helps keep your vehicle in motion. If your drive train is failing, it can be much harder to keep your vehicle in control on the road, making it difficult to drive safely. If you’re noticing heavy vibrations coming from under the vehicle or a stuttering upon acceleration, call us at (217) 429-5870 to identify the issue immediately.

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